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Trimming / Pruning
Assessing / Treating
Tree Removal
Whether there are dangerous limbs overhanging your home, driveway, or other structures, you just want to trim back some foliage to let in the sunlight, or you want to shape up or elevate those trees to beautify your grounds, TREE-TECH has you covered.
Got a tree that isn't the picture of health? We'll tell you what's going on. Sometimes a tree that appears to be dead or dying can be saved. Conversely, a tree that looks healthy can have terminal damage, constituting a future threat. From assessment, to custom treatments, TREE-TECH can give your tree it's best chance for survival, and offer professional advice on what it's chances are.
​When it's time to remove a hazardous, dead or dying, or nuisance tree, TREE-TECH has the expertise to bring it down quickly and safely, while minimizing damage to your grounds. 
Whether your concern is not running it over with the lawn mower, not seeing it above ground at all, or you want it completely removed from the ground, TREE-TECH can accommodate any need and any budget.
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Stump Minimization / Removal

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TREE-TECH has a lengthy list of satisfied customers. So many, in fact, that the chances of matching your job details to a job we have already performed are high. So ask us to put you in touch with customers who have had work done in situations similar to yours!

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